Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween has come and gone. Life is going too fast.

Here are the kiddies and some friends that came over to trick-or-treat with us.

Eric is examining all his candy.

Eric is Nemo again. He is now old enough to understand Halloween so he was so fun this year. He out lasted all his friends. He went trick-or-treating for almost two hours. His goodie bag was overflowing. This is a picture of our front door. The pumpkins were cute this year as usual but this year Jeffrey insisted that we put something scary out. We bought a cauldron and put dry ice and floating brains and eyeballs in it. I had many comments from the guests that came to our door.

Emily chose to be Sharpay from the High School Musical.

Adam is a storm trooper from Star Wars.

I didn't get a picture of Jeff. He left early to trick-or treat with his friends. He was some scary swamp dead guy. Eric was even fooled.

We had a good time.

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