Saturday, September 13, 2008

We are O.K.!!!!!

This is in our neighborhood. We went to check on a friends house for them and we couldn't get to their house. The water was too high in three directions.

This is one of the lakes in our subdivision. It is completely under water and spilling out to the street.

One subdivision over, huge trees fell.

This is the other lake in the middle of our subdivision. The path usually goes all around the lake but it is underwater.

More trees fell just a couple of houses down from ours.

Our street looked good compared to others. Don't you think?

The sunset on the eve of Ike was breathtaking. As I took this shot I turned around to walk back home and I saw this......

Is kind of hard to see but the tower of dark clouds frightened even my children.

Here is another look at the first lake. We couldn't get to the end of the street the water was too high.

This is a street not in our subdivision. Every street looked just like this. Some were worse.

Here is my husband going to check on our friends house. I dropped him off where the water started. They live just five or six houses down but with it still raining and the water up to Michael's thighs he came back to the car soaked through.

Our family feels blessed that we didn't even get a scratch. These pictures don't even come close to showing what a memorable experience this was for my family. Say your prayers for all the families that didn't get so lucky.


HoustonMamaJenn said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures of the Hurricane. I've been anxious to see how everything is looking back home.

I'm glad ya'll made out so well! I hope the kids weren't too scared!

See ya soon!

Lewis Family Diary said...

What a scary experience. We're happy to hear that everyone is okay...

Angela said...

Our family is glad that you all made it through Ike alright. Michael is so brave to attempt to walk down your street for your friends. What unbelievable neighbors you guys are! Melissa, you took great pictures.

Trent, Kristi, and Kami...... said...

wow - quite the pics! You guys are REALLLLLY lucky! Is the flooding still bad or has it gone down yet? We're glad you guys are okay and have power! Keep us posted!

Renee said...

So glad that you guys are ok. The Hunt's were in town visiting & Diane told us that your neighborhood was hit... But, glad that everyone is safe! glad to have found your blog. Sure miss you guys! :)