Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last Chapter for Vacation

I have been out on facebook. Someone talked me into joining, and that was it. I have neglected my blog because of facebook. I have found so many friends from high school and from my home town. It has been so fun. The kids have started school so I have a little more time. Jeffrey has started football so I will take pictures and blog them.
My Sister and I and our kids had a great time watching the Forth of July Parade in Corona.

My Aunt Pam and Grandparents in Utah had us over for a BBQ and got to see Sara for the first time.

We met Michael's brothers and sisters and their kids at the Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

We saw many of our friends while in Utah. Emily had so much fun visiting with her favorite friend, Allie Biddison. We miss there family terribly.

We had a wonderful vacation. I love visiting our families back west. The drive is long but we make it fun. I know our kids will have these memories for the rest of there lives.


HoustonMamaJenn said...

I totally am with you on the Facebook.........Cute pictures Melissa!

Jamie said...

We have missed you on the blog, but I totally understand about facebook. :) I was once addicted to that thing too...then I started blogging and that is my new addiction. :) Cute pictures... as always.

Lewis Family Diary said...

Looks like you've been busy having a lot of fun this summer. We miss you!